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Crossing Borders 360° (Trailer)

Crossing Borders 360° (Trailer)


Emil Spiewok

Kevin Schmutzler


Otto Spiewok


Caroline Muhl


Martin Rieger


Tobias Schmutzler

Hakan Icoglu

In spring 2016 a group of seven young VR (film-)makers (including two protagonists, two directors, a cameraman, a sound engineer and a producer) set off from Europe towards South East Asia. That was us. For one month we shot a VR travel documentary telling the story of our motorbike journey from Ho-Chi-Minh City, South Vietnam, to Bangkok, Thailand. A story that made us come across adventures, across humans, across cultures – a story that is crossing borders in the spatial as well as in the human sense of the word. A story told in 360°.

CROSSING BORDERS attended several international festivals including the VR Days Europe in Amsterdam. It's designed for mobile VR and will be available in the Samsung/Oculus store soon.

Off the record: We bought five motorbikes and a scooter the day we arrived in Ho-Chi-Minh. As that was one too less for our group, two of us always had to share which was quite comfortable and very safe, believe me. Nevertheless, we had less motobike crashes (one) than drone crashes (two) during our four weeks of travelling.

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