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Everybody Dies Someday

Everybody Dies Someday


Jonas Baumann


Kevin Schmutzler


Caroline Muhl

Sara Herbst


Martin Hagler


Robert Viktor Minich

Matthis Schmidt-Foß

Yvonne Kolle

Johann Fohl

It’s not the best times for the gravedigger Old Travis. Everything in his neat western village is quiet and peaceful. No affaires d'honneur, no saloon brawl. Meaning: no one to bury. Running out of money, Old Travis comes up with a new plan to boost his business…


EVERYBODY DIES SOMEDAY is director Jonas Baumann's graduation film and was screened at multiple festivals nationwide.

Off the record: Director Jonas Baumann might have thought he had rented the whole western village near Berlin. But: one day we suddenly had to share the place with a second crew who came to shoot a music video. Well, we had more guns, so there was no question of who won the shootout.

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