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Lockdown Movie (Trailer)

Lockdown Movie (Trailer)


Kevin & Tobias Schmutzler


Caroline Muhl

Lydia Wrensch


Klaus Kneist


Lydia Wrensch


Amadeus Indetzki


Tobias Schmutzler

Louisa Dellert

Sebastian Winkler

When the director is also a part time camera assistant and data wrangler, something must have been different about this production.

And indeed: LOCKDOWN MOVIE has been written, shot and edited during the first Covid Lockdown in spring 2020.

Only five people were involved in the physical production of the movie, which has entirely been shot in our office in Munich. This is why the story is what it is, because we had to write the script for the existing locations and props we were able to access:

LOCKDOWN MOVIE is a movie about a filmmaker who is trapped in his production office during a lockdown trying to shoot a LOCKDOWN MOVIE.

Off the record: All safety and health regulations enacted by the government during the time of the shoot have been followed.

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