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Tobias & Kevin Schmutzler


Caroline Muhl

Lydia Wrensch

Nina Rühr

Executive Producer

Michael Hieber

Astrid Deinhard-Olsson

Nils-Claudio Sierck


Klaus Kneist


Martin Rieger


Jeff Burrell

Aiden Flowers

Clayton Nemrow

Leni Speidel

Tshamano Sebe

Luisa Wietzorek

Hans Holzbecher

A man of words is forced to become a man of action as John discovers the secret bucket list of his terminally ill son Robin. The two abscond from the hospital to experience a father-son adventure in South Africa and fulfill the boy‘s greatest wishes – as the police pursue John for kidnapping.

ROBIN has had its worldwide online release in April 2018. In fact, ROBIN wasn't just another movie – but the heart of a social impact campaign: "Watch for Wishes" was an online donation campaign supporting actual children with life-threatening medical conditions or children living in poverty. After the four-week impact release on YouTube, the movie was screened at 50+ international film festivals, including huge ones like Montreal or Durban, and got distributed around the globe by our partners from Electric Entertainment.


Off the record: Our beloved red bukkie (which we sadly got no productplacement money for) broke down at least three times a day (which is maybe the reason why they refused). At the end of a month of shooting in South Africa, some crew members including our directors duo had improved their car mechanic skills in a way that they now think of leaving the film industry behind and opening a car repair shop.

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4 years in 7 minutes

4 years in 7 minutes