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Audi Symphony

Audi Symphony


Audi AG




Kevin & Toby Schmutzler


Klaus Kneist


Lydia Wrensch

Caroline Muhl


Martin Rieger

What if you knew, what happens next? – The future of mobility is all about Big Data and Swarm Intelligence, about predicting and conducting the flow. "AUDI SYMPHONY" follows a conductor who leads his orchestra like a computing backend will lead the cars of the future: in perfect harmony, despite any obstacles.


Off the record: The spot had originally been planned to be shot in Frankfurt. But a few weeks before the first slate it turned out that Hero-Car "ELAINE" wasn't allowed to exit its truck under 10°Celsius outside temperature – and it was November. So all of a sudden Cast, Crew, and Car were to come to Spain, to shoot in the beautiful surrounding of Valencia's CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES at a heartwarming 11°Celsius.

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