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Wind & Vibes

Wind & Vibes


Wind & Vibes




Tobias Schmutzler


Felix Koster


Lydia Wrensch


Jon Sine

If there is one thing that can't be missing when you shoot a spot for travelbags it's... the bags. But the second thing you have to cover is the travelling! So this video doesn't just look like a lot of fun. It acutally was. Our crew around director Toby Schmutzler set out to a ten day roadtrip adventure through Germany, Italy and France only to find amazing locations, endless sunlight, veeeery little sleep and some very impressive shots. But the guys certainly wouldn't have survived the trip if it wasn't for the incredible bags. And they look just awesome! [sponsored ad]

So as the convertible jeep granted lots of wind, Jon Sine took care of the vibes and there you go.

Off the record: Filming a relaxed Venice boat ride isn't quiet that relaxed actually: DOP  Felix Koster and Toby almost got lost in the labyrinth of alleys, as they chased the actors' boat up and down the canal, trying to get the perfect shot. In the end both had to decide to just film from aboard.

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