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Away (Trailer)

Away (Trailer)


Kevin & Tobias Schmutzler


Lydia Wrensch

Lea Esther Stüven


Nils-Claudio Sierck


Leonard Caspari


Martin Rieger


Tobias Schmutzler

Frederic Heidorn

Shanti Chakraborty

Ajay Kumar

Rahul Mudgal

Hans Holzbecher

37 suitcases, 14 adventurers, 1050 charcoal tablets, 8 camera batteries - that's our hand luggage. None of us can imagine what the next two months will bring. Sitting on a plane to Delhi, we brought it all: Drive, courage, a thirst for the unknown, but also doubts and even some fear. We are about to shoot a feature; a contemporary story about an escape from daily routine and a departure into adventure. And about the dream to make a difference.

AWAY was nominated for several festivals and was screened at more than 40 German cinemas in 2014.

Off the record: When our whole team fell sick of diarrhea we had no backup days left, whicht means we had to continue shooting nonetheless. Armed with ten roles of toilet paper we set forth, only to stop shooting every five minutes because either a director or the DOP was rushing into the fields.

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