Kevin & Tobias Schmutzler


Caroline Muhl

Lydia Wrensch


Daniel Schulze-Ardey


Sara Herbst


Florian Kontny


Elisa Schlott

Luisa Wietzorek

Oleg Tikhomirov

Sebastian Winkler

Sascha Römisch

The Ingolstadt born directors Kevin & Toby Schmutzler realized this thirty minutes short about the Ingolstadt born bavarian writer Marieluise Fleißer. Fleißer (1901-1974) is known to be one of the first female writers that stepped out of the mens' shadows between the World Wars. Constantly suppressed by her father and her fiancee she projects her feelings and behaviours onto her ficitional characters.

ÜBER DIE DEUTSCHE FRAU (About German Women) deals with a woman, who has to take the courage to stand her gound.

Off the record: The last day of shooting was supposed to be an easy cool-down from the intense days cast and crew had gone though before. But yet we planned without the marten that had nibbled some power cables and therfore caused a power cut in the whole location. Of course this had to happen on a Saturday evening in a small village somewhere in the countryside. Well, by the time a generous electrician had fixed the power issues a few hours later, the baby of our main actress had decidd to be wide awake and to"entertain" us throughout the rest of the day ... or night.