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Where The Street Ends (Trailer)

Where The Street Ends (Trailer)


Kevin & Tobias Schmutzler


Sara Herbst

Caroline Muhl


David Kasperowski


Felix Koster


Martin Rieger

There’s one of two things waiting for you where the street ends: either a deadlock or an entrance. For the children we’ve worked with in Kinshasa, DR Congo, those two lie dangerously close together.


The so-called „Shegues“ are kids who live on the street because they’ve been accused of practicing witchcraft and got expelled by their own families. Many of them have to steal or do worse to stay alive in the streets. The „Espace Masolo“ is an NGO trying to help these kids by teaching them a craft or an art form. They try to be both: a school and a home for the children.


WHERE THE STREET ENDS tells the stories of three Shegues learning to play instruments in an orchestra and thus finding their ways back into society. The title is derived from the German quote „Wo die Sprache aufhört, fängt die Musik an“ (E.T.A. Hoffmann) meaning „Where words end, music begins“.

Off the record: The guy leaning against the wall is Justin, probably the friendliest and most joyful person you’ve ever met. He is pretty decent with the drums so if you happen to have a band please just reach out!

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